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[The Korea Herald] FunctionBay’s upgraded RecurDyn software promotes co-simulation

The article in The Korea Herald said since the launch of RecurDyn V9R1 in October 2017, FunctionBay

New intro video of RecurDyn

Here is a new intro video of RecurDyn. This video shows the technologies and main features of RecurD

FunctionBay participates in Transmission Expo at CTI Symposium. (Berlin, Germany) (Dec. 4-7)

FunctionBay participates in Transmission Expo at CTI Symposium. (Berlin, Germany) (Dec. 4-7) (http:/

MBD for ANSYS training (Shanghai, China / Nov. 30th)

  MBD for ANSYS training was held in Shanghai, China on November 30th. There are 20 customers w

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